After long months of search, the nature fans from the SNA could finally capture the most representative copy of a new fennec species. After the place of capture they have given it the scientific name of Fennecus Tikriti.

    Like all fennecs, this animal is active rather during the night, when it often changes its place of residence. What makes it special is the fact that it quite suddenly radically changed its habits and preferred to hide in narrow cellars instead of roomy palaces.

    The animal is exhibited at the Palaeontological Museum of the SNA.

    On the 16th of December 2003 the SNAPO has issued a souvenir sheet that commemorates this great scientific discovery.

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   Comment on RCSD

   Yes!  the "missing link" Fennec!  I kept telling the boys (FDC - Fennec Desert Corp) (and goils - usually office working female fennecs) about their older ancestors, but they just pooh pawed the entire story.  They just thought it was another Iraqi WMD story and ignored it.

   Tracy Barber

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