The SNAFPO (SNA Fennecs Protection Organization) is an association, financed by the SNA government, that fights for the protection of this endangered species. Under the SNA environment protection law, each SNA citizen is expected to breed at home at least one fennec each three years.

    When the fennecs attain the adult age, they are released into the wild, as part of a special ceremony, usually accompanied by dancers in traditional costumes and tam-tam music.

    As a tribute to this customs, the SNAPO has issued a set of two special prints, presented on this page, which were sent to selected philatelic customers worldwide. The print run, limited to only 10,000 pieces, could cover only a small part of the demand. Each of sheets show the same fennec, as a young animal and then an adult one, in the wild.

    The big problem of SNA government is that these fennecs have the tendency to return to their adoptive parents. In order to hinder this, a special police force was created, called PCFA (Popular Commissariat for Fennecs Affairs). The former owners of fennecs can be imprisoned during a year or have to pay a fine of $ 10,000. There are known many cases of SNA children who, after having escaped the PCFA forces, have crossed SNA's border, together with their fennecs, and have asked for political asylum in neighboring countries.

    International medical studies have also shown that the rate of suicide among the adult fennecs that were bred at home is five times higher as of those born in the wildness.

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