Several countries have issued some interesting fennecs images on their stamps, and the wave doesn't seem to stop. We are convinced that the activities related to our SNA will contribute to the popularization of this less known species.

Western Africa, 1992. A not officially recognized territory. Yvert 343, Scott B88, issued 1957, Apr 6

Most of countries or territories that issued fennecs on stamps (like Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia, Spanish Sahara, Western Africa)  are countries where the fennecs belong to the usual landscape. 

Of course, a fennec is always nice to see, even those issued by countries where the fennecs can be eventually seen only in zoos.

An interesting appearance of fennecs on a stamp issued by the Czech Republic (above, on the right).

For this reason we show not only the stamp, but also the FDC, cancelled on 5th of September 2001 in a city that is far away from Africa, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Back to African countries, we present some nice stamps issued by former Spanish territories, the forerunners of the SNA issues (in the menu one can find links to more information on this less known territorial entity).

The nice FDC from Spanish Sahara has already over 40 years, and was issued on Dec. 29, 1960 in commemoration of the Stamp Day. The fennec stamp, shown reduced on this FDC, appears in full size below the FDC.

It's with a bit of nostalgia that I have placed on this page some stamps, like those shown below, ones that remind me my first steps as a stamp collector.

Credits: Many thanks to Blair Stannard (Canada), Tracy Barber (USA), Pierre Courtiade (France) and Rodney (Australia) for scans.


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