The postal administrations try to be as much innovative as possible and even more than that. As an example we propose you below the new (Sept. 7, 2004) wooden stamp issued by the Swiss PA. It is the follower of a series of stamps, some of them being tasteful and others being issued on textiles.

     Following this irresistible trend, the SNA Postal Office has issued on the 19 September 2004 a new self-adhesive stamp, having a big format (see below). It displays the sand sculpture "Sand Castle" of the artist A. Buonopane, a work that won the third place at the Lido di Jesolo International Sand Sculpting Championship 2002. What it is less know is that the castle is a 1:100 reproduction of the sweet home of the SNA Postmaster General, Blair ibn Stannard.

     What makes this issue very special is the fact that it wasn't somehow printed, but it was created by superposing 200 layers of the finest, naturally colored sand, a material that is abundant in the SNA. The sand particles are glued together by using a patented mixture, that contains a concentrate of the famous fennec tea.

 .  The stamp was manufactured by the Courvoisier SNA Security Printers Ltd. at Ciudad de Leon, the capital of the SNA. The print run was of only 30,000 stamps. The stamp, as long as it is still available, can be found in all good philatelic businesses worldwide.


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