Answering a popular demand, the SNA Postal Administration has issued a sheet dedicated to the famous Fennec Tea, the traditional drink of the Spanish North Africa. Please look below for explanations referring to some questions we have recently found  on RCSD.

I am very concerned about fennec tea (which may be the world's only non-vegetarian tea):

-- Is vegetarian fennec (faux fennec) tea available?
A: Of course. BTW, it isn't vegetarian and the fennecs are more than real. Everything else is correct.

-- What parts of the fennec are used in making the tea?
A: The process is too complicated to be described here. Please take a look at the sheet.

-- Are wild fennecs or domesticated fennecs used in the production of fennec tea?
A: Only wild fennecs, and only females.

-- If wild fennecs are used, can their population support the fennec tea industry?
A: Well, yes. The fennecs are used only during the first 3 days after the birth of our male citizens, and later only when the milk supply isn't assured.

-- What is the proper etiquette for drinking fennec tea? Should it drunk from a cup or a mug? Is it proper to squirt a bit of camel milk into it directly from the camel, or should the milk first be squirted into a camel milk decanter?
A: The proper etiquette is shown above. It is the only one accepted by our legislation.

-- It is rumored that fennec tea is an aphrodisiac. Should we let Victor drink it?
A: Like every SNA citizen, Victor has used, but has not abused of this delicious drink. BTW, some like it hot.

-- It is also rumored that shares in SNA Fennec-T Corp. are soon going to be offered on all of the major stock exchanges, including SNADEX. Should I invest my life savings in fennec tea stock? Your advice may make all the difference!
A: We at the SNA Philatelic Marketing suggest that you rather invest in our sheets, but other options can be only recommended.

-- Has fennec tea been commemorated on any SNA stamps? If not, how soon can we expect such stamps, how many trillion will be printed, and can I buy one (1), and what will their catalogue value be? Will they be a good investment? Your answer(s) will make all the difference.
A: The sheets are immediately available worldwide. They were issued on the 1st of June, the International Children's Day. The print run is limited to 100,000 pieces, all numbered. As usually, the first sheet went to the SNA Postal Museum and the last one to the UPU. Please contact the SNA Philatelic Dept. for conditions and availability.


Created: 06/03/01. Revised: 01/07/06
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