Apparently, some cats of our e-senators (the name of the SNA inhabitants) have taken control of their property, souls and even of their computer networks. The situation being very serious, educative programs have been discussed and some urgent measures have been already taken. As usually in such situations, the SNAPO has an important role to play, because it has at its disposal important means, international connections and worldwide training facilities.

   The above sheet,  issued on January 7, 2003, starts a worldwide Cats Education and Training Program (CETP). The Gotthard Pass seems to be a good training base, especially in winter (not shown). One could find that the cat shown on the picture has changed its look and feel. Please consider that the collaboration with the SNA post brings with it some unavoidable changes, like it is already happened to the postfennecs.

   The sheet was printed by the Courvoisier SNA Security Printers Ltd. at Ciudad de Leon, the capital of SNA. The print run was of 2,000,000 sheets. The sheet, as long as it is still available, can be found in all good philatelic businesses worldwide.

     Link: The St. Gothard Mail Coach, by Rudolf Koller

     Credits. Many thanks to Tracy Barber for the scan of his cat Mohawk.

    Comments on RCSD:

  • hehehehehehehe...  Hawky's 15 minutes of fame!  His name up in lights!. Tracy Barber.

  • Sorry, Tracy, to contradict you, but thanks to SNAPO your Mohawk Bengali Poindexter became immortal! All 2M sheets were sold in just one day. That's why we don't hear of Window Clerk #1 anymore, it is because he is totally exhausted. But it's he who demanded a salary increase, so...Victor Manta.

  • Remarkably composed-looking, wouldn't you say, for sauntering along in front of what appears to be an out-of-control stagecoach. Of course, cats *are* that way. Mike.

  • Sauve, debonair, and has a hint of haute couture in there someplace.:^). Tracy Barber.


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