Answering again the popular demand, the SNA Postal Administration has issued a set of two sheets dedicated to the coming year 2003. The theme of this year are the SNA postfennecs who heroically deliver the post, under any circumstances. The sheet on the left shows a lady postfennec, and the sheet on the right a gentlemen. This particular species, unique worldwide, is the result of intense collaboration between the SNAPO and the fennecs. The issuing day of both sheets was the 6th of December 2002.

  The sheets were designed by the Stamp Concept company, located in Ciudad de Leon. They were printed, as usually, by the security office Courvoisier SNA. The print run is of 200,300 pieces only.
he sweated gum of these sheets was specially prepared for the coming holidays. Its recipe is very simple (like any housewife would say): 100 grams of Swiss chocolate (see below) and 20 grams of Fennec Tea. The best chocolate to use is Cailler, based on milk and with entire hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are essential in the whole process, and produce not only that special smell, remarked by many, but also an irresistible envy to taste the gum. The rumors that it's just a trap of SNA special services, in order to identify the senders by using ADN tests, were spread by our fierce competitors.
   Mr. F.L. Cailler was the first in Switzerland to discover the art of the fabrication of chocolate. This happened in 1819. More about Swiss chocolate can be found on my philatelic page:

    Concomitantly with the above sheets, SNAPO has issued a postal card. It shows a typical SNA postfennec in the front of the SNAPO. The postfennec is waiting for the Windows Clerk #1, who will hand him over, through the windows,  the postal material that he has to distribute. The Post Office usually opens at 11:30 AM, but anyway the time is a relative notion in the SNA. The identity of the sitting women and her role are unknown, the same being valid for the lying cat.

    In the name of the SNA and of its postal administration we wish you Happy Holidays!

    From the newsgroup news:rec.collecting.stamps.discuss (12/8/02)

> Bravo Victor!
> you have out shone yourself with this series.
> Blair

Thanks you, Sir SNA Postmaster General!  (snip)
In order to reveal the sources of my "inspiration", I have quickly put together a page dedicated to the famous Russian lacquer miniature painting. It can be visited at:

I hope that some visitors (snip) will like as well the stamps as their scans.

Victor Manta
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