The producers of illegals issues have found a new victim, and this time not only one, but two at once. In the day of the final of the Football (Soccer) World Cup, on June 30, 2002  they invaded the philatelic markets with a so-called joint issue SNA - Brazil. This is the first illegal  joint issue that appeared on the market, but there are fears that other ones could follow soon.

     The evil-doer will be denounced by the SNA Postal Administration to the UPU, and any site that will display the offending issue will be blacklisted by the Philatelic Web Watch (that was already contacted).

     The sheet that we show at the beginning of the page was obviously a preproduction unit. Apparently the issuer has modified the design, has overprinted the stamps with different game results, and started to sell them immediately after the final game. The units that display an incorrect result (as that shown above) were discounted by as much as 95% of face.

     Not the same for the sheet shown above, that sells at time for over $ 100. The time came to stop all this craziness!

     Credit: to Blair Stannard, who mentioned for the first time these issues on RCSD.


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