The art is not in presenting the things as they are,
 but as they should be

     The SNA Postal Administration has decided to issue each year several stamps related to some renown errors on stamps. In order to promote a correct imagine of the philately, and in its permanent struggle for perfection, the previous errors were corrected on these new apparitions.

     First of all, the mystery of the missing 4th rider on the Kingdom of Yemen, Olympic Games 1968 in Grenoble, Mi. 454 (stamp on the left) was finally solved. The 4th rider on the bobsled was no other than that great sports fennec "Fennie", and he is actually placed in the first position, as driver.

     The stamp was  printed as usually by using the innovative and complex sand & stone lithography process, in 10 colors, by the printing office Courvoisier SNA, in Ciudad de Leon. It became valid for franking starting by the 10th of July 2002, The International Fennecs Day.

     The stamp has provoked different reactions in the world, and on the RCSD newsgroup. Here a first example: "That is not a Fennec, Victor, I have it on good authority that Yoda joined the team on this occasion and was heard shouting "may the farce be with you" as he hurtled down the run." Bob H. The SNAPA has consequently issued a stamp called: In the Shadow of Yoda"

     Bob I. went even further (excerpts): "It was announced this morning that the three SNA Olympic bobsled members have quit, holding their noses, in a protest over the odor of the fourth member, an SNA desert fennec who is team captain and rides at the front of the sled. With the next Winter Olympics looming over a distant sand dune, the SNA Olympic Committee immediately announced that replacements for the departed team members have been selected. SNAPO officials have updated the SNA Bobsled issue with a new issue.

    The new SNA Bobsled issue was printed in sheets of 2000, with 1000 stamps printed on each side of a central gutter, in which important information is printed. A number of sheets are partially imperforate because the SNAPO sewing machine needles kept breaking. Some sheets, in addition, are very crudely perforated because it was the perforator's first day on the job, and she was hung over from drinking too much fennec tea the night before. A pair of the new stamps, containing every possible error and perhaps some that haven't yet been noticed, can be seen" above.


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