The SNA Postal Administration (SNAPA), encouraged by the SNA Philatelic Society (SNAPS), decided to say its word on the Perejil Island conflict, that unfortunately opposes our brothers from Spain and Morocco.

     It is the time to remind the international community of the fact that Perejil is a  former colony that was for a  long time in the possession of princes  Drannats - Atnam.  By the Treaty of Enreb of September 13, 1954, the Perejil became a demilitarized zone under the protection of Spain. Considering the new situation, after the island was occupied successively by Moroccan, then by Spaniard soldiers, the Spanish North Africa has decided to remind its rights concerning this important strategic zone, where the Annual Fennec Conference take place on each September 13.

     The sheet, issued on July 17, 2002, shows images from Perejil. This is the first stamp that isn't sold, but imposed to all citizens, together with a piece of $ 1 ($ 4 for a full sheet), with the obligation to put it on all covers sent to Morocco or Spain. One can also glue it on chests or on camels worldwide.

    The sheet was launched at the issuing date, at Ciudad de Leon, in the Postal Museum building, in the presence of the General (Postmaster) Blair Stannard and a member of the Revolutionary Committee. The stamp's designer was also present at the ceremony, where he glued sheets on the chests and the camels of all participants. The Windows Clerk #1 canceled all present guests' chests  with a special FDC cancel. The ink was manufactured by using a concentrated fennec tea.

   Link: Perejil overprints on Spanish stamps


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