This program has recently won the prestigious "The Fittest Wins" Web Stamp Programs Award. It allows for automated adjustment of any stamp to any desired dimensions.

Please proceed as described below:


First of all, test the configuration of your computer . The test takes under 3 seconds. Click the button below please:


1. Start the "Hit to Fit" program. Version 0.314 beta is the actual one.
2. Press the green "Make it Fit" button
3. Enter into the form the desired dimension(s) of your stamp (in quite any length or surface units, from mm to light-years**2). Enter '0' to print the hologram(s) only .
4. Put the stamp into the printer.
5. Repeat the point 2.
6. Take out the stamp from the printer. If you are not fully satisfied with the result, restart from the point 4.

Created 04/14/01. Revised: 01/07/06.
Copyright SNA & Victor Manta.
All rights reserved in all countries.

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