The Unknown World of SNA
(The Cached World Domination)

by Blair Stannard

Transportation and Tourism:
Air access  to SNA could not be simpler.  Our newly opened John Wayne Airport (airport designator code = SNA) can be seen at:


of SNA are available through our subsidiary the Swedish National Atlas 
(SNA) at:

A SNA Yearbook:  

full of useful information on our favourite country, is published each Fall. It is fully accredited with Le Syndicat National des Annuaires :
Crafts for Tourists:  

A wide selection of traditional SNA crafts are available at:  


The people of SNA are entrepreneurs.  They even have favourite stock listed on the NY Stock Exchange:

Health Care:

Health Care for citizens is free (state paid):  Services are provided by SNA Healthcare: 


Canada has entered into a programme to increase literacy amongst SNA


SNA citizens love flowers and gardens: They also enjoy an evening at the cinema:


SNA citizens, of Dutch background, have a great interest in archaeology:
Some of those of French and Swiss background equally enjoy astronomy:

Industries - Informatics: 

SNA is a leading country in Informatics technology.  Even Microsoft has tried to follow in the footsteps of a leader: 
In fact, SNA is so advanced in this field, that Yale University has written a paper on "Introduction to SNA":

Local Consulting services are provided through:

In 2003, SNA will be hosting an International Conference (SNA 2003 ) on Informatics, in Paris, France:  Info on SNA 2003 is available at:

Industries - Airplane Manufacture:

See our own Seawind SNA made models at: 
Industries - CD and  DVD manufacture:

For 50 years, we have been a leader.  Our products have included : Audiocassette, then
Audio Compact disc and CD Rom and finally DVD are now part of our range of recorded media. see:
Industries - Beekeeping (Honey):  
Always a country with a sweet tooth, SNA beekeepers have built a great honey industry.
They mostly share their findings with their colleagues in France.

Industries - Agriculture: 

SNA Agriculture is coordinated through our Brazilian subsidiary:
Photography - is available by the state photographer Simon N Anthony:
Photographic supplies are available from:
Lifting and Transportation services are delivered through our Italian
subsidiary: SNA Group

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