The Zodiacal Signs

      In the last time the SNA Postal Office (SNAPO) feels more and more intensely the fierce competition worldwide, on all possible subjects (see below). SNA decided to react quickly, with new stamps on some popular subjects.

      For this reasons, and in order to fight against some medieval superstitions, SNAPO has issued a definitive issue with the theme Zodiacal Signs, proposed in a modern presentation. The stamps are peelable, and for this reason they can be manufactured for lower prices. The face value stays a bit high (only €$11 for a booklet - one stamp being offered for free), but this allows for financing more exquisite issues, specially thought at stamp collectors worldwide

      The miniature sheet  below is inspired by the masterpieces of manuscript illumination and the archetype of the International Gothic style, "Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry." Please notice not only its beauty, but also its special irregular shape. There are no two sheets that have exactly the same shape, so each collectors gets actually an unique piece of art. The print run of the set of 12 is on 100,000,000 booklets. The print run of the sheet is of only 100,000 pieces, all numbered on the back side.

    The minisheet with the inverted center was issued for the amateurs of rarities, oddities and specialties. Its print run is of only 100 pieces. The minisheet is offered at the modest price of €$ 1000.00, as long as available. The price includes also the normal sheet, the booklet and five FDC's (not shown).

    The page: proposes more information about the work of art, its authors and its highly placed sponsor.


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