Victor Manta wrote:

     I have read about two weeks ago about a wolf who killed 27 sheep in Switzerland, and which is searched by the Swiss authorities. The reason is that if a wolf kills over 17 sheep (a recent law), then the hunters have the right to shoot him down.

    The problem is that this wolf has... disappeared (possible the Swiss sheep were too fat for him), and it is at time probably in Italy. There isn't an extradition treaty between both countries concerning wolfs, so no possible measures can be taken against him as long as he decided to stay abroad.

    So my question is: Because this was possible the last Swiss wolf for the moment (not sure, but let's say), has the Swiss PA the right to issue a postal stamps showing a wolf? If not, should it put some postmen on the border with Italy and wait till the wolf returns, and at this very moment quickly issue the so long awaited stamp?

    Tracy Barber answered:

    We've all heard about those Swiss sheep.  They are were the infamous Swiss chocolate comes from.  That's why they're so fat!

    On a less serious note - hmmmmmm - maybe the Swiss P.O. can issue a stamp about the worst wolfie killer in it's midst.  Kind of like the worst serial killer in the U.S.  That's if they can prove his (?) paw prints were involved. ...

    Maybe the Swiss P.O. can start a joint issue with Italy on this. Maybe 1/2 of the wolf is on 1 stamp and the other 1/2 is on the other stamp!

    In the U.S., we have Migratory Bird stamps - why not Swiss migratory wolfie stamps?

  Blair Stannard wrote:

As members of the fox family, the fennecs would  oppose any sna issue showing a a wolf.  They inform me that they will not carry covers bearing these stamps, unless  the stamps are overprinted "foxes rule!".

monsieur renaud
business manager
syndicat international des fennecs-ouvrier

  Victor Manta answered:

I doubt that the wolves will accept to play this game. Actually, they represent an endangered species, status that gives them special privileges, like to legally eat in Switzerland up to 16 sheep without being punished. No fox could ever dream about eating 16 hens without unpleasant consequences. I just remember "Le petit prince", where the fox complained that in all countries where there are hens, there are also hunters...

And, of course, the wolves would like to extend their present privileges, by seeing themselves on stamps all over the world, shared or not among countries, like in the example proposed.

Herr Loup Wolf
NG Endangered Species Assoc. (NG = non governmental, not newsgroup)


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