We Haven't to Wait for It to Come

     The SNAPO has decided to celebrate the well known Stamp Trader List, by issuing a souvenir sheet in its honor. It covers all past anniversaries and perhaps some future too. Therefore we at SNAPO wish you A Happy Anniversary, STL!

Stamps Trader List History

1. period
The creator: Tilo Levante
First issue seems to be: 24 Apr 91 on rec.collecting

2. period
The second custodian: Kai Rudloff
His first issue seems to be: 9 Aug 91 on rec.collecting
Name: List of stamp collectors

3. period
The third custodian: Nancy Rabel Hall
Her first issue seems to be: ? on rec.collecting (later than 8 Oct 1993)
Name: Stamp Trader List

(Maybe Nancy never published the list on rec.collecting but waited for r.c.s)

First appearance on r.c.s seems to be on 1 Mar 1994
Name: Stamp Trader List

The list was posted on the web for the first time by Bjørn Munch in 1994/1995?

4. period
The forth custodian: Phil Guptill
His first issue seems to be: 1 May 1995 on r.c.s and indirectly on the web
Name: Stamp Trader List

The Stamp Trader List registers it's own domain on the web on 9 Oct. 1998

5. period
The fifth custodian: Hans Mortensen
His first issue: 1 July 2002
Name: Stamp Trader List

List compiled by Hans Mortensen, Stamp Trader List Custodian, and published by him on RCSD the 7/20/03.

The commemorating miniature sheet was printed by  the Courvoisier SNA Security Printer, at Ciudad de Leon, SNA. The print run was of of 10,000 pieces.



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