A Fund Raising Issue

      For many, SNA became the prototype of a secret society, because:

  • nobody knows which are its rules

  • or who actually rules it

  • or how are its members selected and admitted

  • and especially where are and how are used its secret funds, resulted from the selling of millions of stamps

      An Intergovernmental Scrutiny Commission (ISC) was created in order to find out what hides under the SNA name, and what is SNA actually doing with all the wealth that it accumulated, by exploiting the defenseless fennecs and by expropriating their tea.

      The countries that already accepted to participate in this long awaited cleansing actions are: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Gambia. Other countries are expected to join ISC soon.

The admission criteria are published on the page:

    Actually, SNA isn't a secret society, and it has nothing to hide. But, being a free country, there are several societies with a restricted access that were created on its territory. In order to support their activity, menaced by the ISC, the SNA Postal Organization has issued on 17th November a sheet, and its surtax will be used by the mentioned societies for their predicable legal expenses.


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