After finding one Arctic wolf, near death from dehydration; SNASO, SNA Science Office, thought it was better to have this illegal alien sent back to it's natural habitat than to find a freezer big enough to allow the animal to live and roam. It was later found out by SNASO that these animals roam in packs if there is one then there is more. A trust was set up, but since scientist didn't know where the money would come from they asked SNAPO to help them.

     Below one can see the only known copy of the Color "Proof" for the Arctic Wolf Semi postal stamp (discovered by Jon Nailor), and an interesting error of the same stamp (each stamp on the 2nd row, 5th column of the whole sheet - found by Victor Manta).

    In light of the undocumented holiday, First founding of SNA, SNAPO under the watchful eyes of SNAFTA, SNA Fennec Tea Association, has come out with the early edition of the 3rd anniversary of the first SNA Fennec tea party.


     Images and text by Jon Nailor, who is welcomed to the very exclusive SNA team.


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