SNAPO are pleased to announce their latest joint issue, this time with Britain's Royal Mail... sorry, Consignia... sorry, the name's probably changed again by now but they haven't told us the new name, for some reason.

The subject this time is the famous portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin. The SNAPO  has issued a stamp in this celebrated design, with the only adulterations being the addition of an unobtrusive SNA above the figures of value (3 Pesetas), and a rendition of our national symbol, the noble Fennec.

SNAPO are advised that the Royal Whateveryoucallit's contribution to this issue is the first ever issue of the Machin type with corner letters, as seen on over fifty years' history of British stamps, from the famous Penny Black of 1840 to the annoyingly expensive 1 green of 1891. The corner letters chosen for this issue are the letters D G A M, in honour of Douglas Myall, a well known contributor to the study of Machinology.

Credits: To Dave Joll, NZ, for the entire page. Thanks a lot, Dave!

Note: These are the only modern SNA issues with values in Pesetas. The permanent conversion rate is equal to a well known terrestrial constant:

$ 1.00 = Pesetas 9.81


Created: 05/07/03. Revised: 01/07/06
Copyright 2003 by the SNA and by Dave Joll.
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