This is a site dedicated to a domain of philately that we named the Spanish Africa. The site started as a natural extension of the original Spanish North Africa site. This was a site exclusively dedicated to philatelic humor, and to some sound criticism of stamp issuing policies of certain PAs.  SNA site was created thanks to the contribution of many passionate participants in the newsgroup: news:rec.collecting.stamp.discuss.

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Noting that the Spanish African philately is rather absent from the philatelic webmastering scene, we try to show here the variety of subject presented on colonial and post-colonial stamps of countries that were possessions of or in the influence zone of Spain.

Most of presented stamps were and still are largely availably, at very affordable prices. They were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, so that many generations of topical stamp collectors started by collecting these stamps too.

The webmaster and the animator of this site, Victor Manta, is for many years a topical stamp collector. He lives in Switzerland. You can find out more about him and about his philatelic activity by visiting his awarded philatelic sites: Art on Stamps, Romania as Seen Through its Stamps or Philatelic Webmasters Association.

We present above a selection of Tangier, Ifni and Spanish Sahara issues, showing interesting portraits of people living on the mentioned territories. As much the expressivity of certain faces as  the design of stamps are sometimes remarkable.

Credits: The Spanish Africa part of this site was created with the precious help of Tracy Barber (USA), who sent to the webmaster important quantities of raw scans. Thank you, Tracy!

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