I have offended God and mankind because my work did not 
reach the quality it should have (Da Vinci's dying words)

     The exhibition opened between the 25th of November and the 1st of December 2002 at the SNA Postal Museum, with the topic World Rarities was an immense success. Some of the most rare stamps, from prestigious collections worldwide, were exhibited in the central area of the museum, protected by the members of the Swiss Guard, ceded for this special occasion by the Vatican.

     The SNA Postal Organization has commemorated this unique philatelic event by issuing on 4th of December 2002 a commemorative sheet, in collaboration with the Swiss Confederation. The sheet was printed by the security printer Courvoisier SNA. The print run is of 1,500,000 pieces.

     The stamp on the left, issued in 1845 by the cantonal post of Basle is unique, because the Basle staff is inverted. Nobody could yet establish how could this error appear, but the fact that it belonged in the past to such renown collectors as Burrus of Ferrari is a guarantee for its authenticity and value. You can compare it with the stamp reproduced below on the SNA - Switzerland joint issue.

    The "Inverted Princy" is known by every serious SNA collector, and for this reason it doesn't need further explanations.   

     Above we show the normal SNA stamp from the 1001 Nights set, and the SNA Postal Museum, where was held the unforgettable "World Rarities" exhibition.

     The sheet, shown above, can be admired in a special room of the SNA Postal Museum. The reasons for which this interesting design wasn't accepted are still unknown, but some recent researches have established that the design was possibly rejected due to opposition of the powerful SFA (Swiss Farmers Association) lobby.


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