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A picture being worth 1000 words, we present below some images that will replace a text of 7K words. Even if the images were resized and compressed, this page takes some time to download. If you have a really slow connection, better skip it by choosing another page from the menu.

Embarkment of SNA colonial troops during the b/w years.

A mall in the SNA desert, during about the same period as above.

Dromedrome parking lot in the 50th.

The Postal Museum in Ciudad de Leon, the capital of SNA. 

SNA, the paradise of sand and water. 

A typical landscape of sand and palms, the preferred resting place of fennecs during the siesta time. 

Some strict regulations of the traffic in the sna-nian desert.

   Credits: Many thanks to Mr. Blair Stannard for having conserved all these images for the posterity. 


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