For Harming the Philately on the Web

     The SNAPO has decided to reward the persons or organizations that in a way or another disappointed the philatelic community, by offering them the newly created Fenny Cup Award.

     This year's award goes to the FIP Philatelic Commission, that hasn't delivered its promised Critiques to the participants in the FIP Websites Competition 2002. This subject was largely debated in June 2003 on the news:rec.collecting.stamps newsgroup.

    PIF the Dog is a renown and very nice character of French cartoons.

     We think that it is a RCSD poet who gave at best voice to the feelings of the participants, in a memorable verse:

Do you FIP or FUP
when your website's up?
Can you stay to play
or just pay their way?
Seems t'me, the game's a hoot
No reviews to share the loot!
Webmasters come and drop a dime,
well, just this "one more time"!

      The author was obviously inspired by another posting, in which its author said  that in its country the popular saying is: "FIP or FUP?" meaning "FIP or FRAUD?"' FIP means in slang "beard".

     The commemorating miniature sheet was printed by  the  Courvoisier SNA Security Printer, at Ciudad de Leon, SNA. The print run was of of 10,000 pieces. The high price of Euro$ 25 is equivalent to that asked by the FIP from the participants in the mentioned competition.


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  • The position of the FIP Philatelic Literature Commission

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