• Congratulations to Victor for assembling all this nice material on SNA ! Pierre.

  • Works, looks good, but I think we need to expand and have a table of contents. Tracy.

  • Congratulation to Victor for the initiative. Fabulous website. Didier.

  • Inspired by the coming conversion from national currencies to Euro, I would suggest that SNA-currency, at least on joint issues, is named "ChF".  This could be understood either as "Chips del Fennec" or Swiss Francs on the joint issues ;-) George.

  • You are doing a wonderful job on the web site. Blair.

  • I had written xyz with questions about SNA and fennecs and he referred me to your wonderful site. So I just wanted to compliment you on your website and your continuing efforts.  How can I get a passport or permanent citizenship? L.C.

  • Just managed to put aside enough time to pay a long visit to your super Website, at last!  Having viewed about half of the sections, I congratulate you on a very impressive effort! The Fennecs look as smart as I remember them, and the life story is superb! Keep up the good work, and the search for the rare, elusive missing Invisible Holograph Stamp Hoard! D.F.

  • I found your nice page by chance searching for fennec stamp info. I was excited to find not only worldwide fennec stamp collection but also funny SNA fennec stamps! I have a fennec fox named Koeda, which means twiggy in Japanese and I've just made a web page to share info with my fennec friends (fennec owners in Japan and US). . S.

Hi Victor -
Though I would take a second and drop you a line to say hello and let you know how much I enjoy keeping up with your holy wars on the spammers and, of course, the SNAPO news.  I have, as you know, shared much of your work with our little club here ... but your best web site, The Spanish North Africa site, I have selfishly keep to myself.  I did, after all, advise all of them to surf the net (especially the stamp newsgroup sites) to keep up with the good things in life.  If they haven't followed that advice - well - something about dragging a SNA camel to water but not being able to make them drink.

 I do want to point out one oversight with the SNAPO system.  In the past they have used good judgment and turned a handsome profit by emulating western commercial models, especially those of the USPS.  I am afraid however that lately someone in the business office has dropped the ball.  I say this because the latest convention of the USPS for making a buck off the stamp collector has been totally ignored by the SNAPO boys.  Perhaps it's
not too late - here's the deal.  You cut back the number of new stamps put out each year by, say 15% or so.  Then you farm out production of each of these new stamps to four or five different printers knowing well that no two
companies can print the same stamp exactly alike and (SURPRISE SURPRISE) you now have five varieties of each stamp to sell to the collectors.  But wait - there's more!  How about a non-denominated and a denominated version of each stamp ??  How about a self-adhesive and a lick-and-stick version of each version and of course we need a 100 stamp roll, a 1000 stamp roll, and a 3000 stamp roll of each, all with different numbers.  That should hold us over until the next postage increase next year.

Well, enough of this for now.  Seriously, I do want to thank you for encouraging me to turn in our little newsletter for the ...  Newsletter Competitions last year.  I just found out this month that we won a Vermeil. Not too shabby for a little club like we have here in ...  Anyhow, you (your kind words) was one of the ones who brought us to the dance and we had a ball.  Thank you! H.H.

Please continue to send us by e-mail your comments and let us know your wishes.

Just don't forget: we don't sell SNA stamps!


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