Ciudad de Leon Exhibition - February 2003

     On the1st of February 2003 in the capital of the Spanish North Africa, Ciudad de Leon, has opened the retrospective exhibition of the US American and SNA painter Thomas Loepp. Over 100 paintings of the artist, found in private or public collections, are exhibited till the 28th of February 2003, at the SNA Fine Arts Museum complex (see the entry gate into the complex on the below image). There are no entry fees to pay, but the visitors are encouraged the buy the set of six minisheets, issued on the 1st of February by the SNA Postal Administration. The minisheets can be obtained only at the exhibition, and they can be used for franking only for its duration.
    The Tom Loepp stamp shown below, on the right, was issued in 2002. By clicking on the new issues, you will get a bigger image, with more visible details.

     Please read below the short biography of the artist, that was published by himself on the Web.

      Grew up in Wyoming. My mother is an artist and father a geologist. One room in the house was a painting studio. There were cans of brushes, drawers of paint tubes, drilling site maps and reproductions of Picassos and Goyas on the walls, art books, bags of rock samples, and beautiful paintings throughout the house.
      In 1972 at age eighteen enrolled in the Art Students Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma and studied painting and drawing with Pat Mcguffin for 2 years.

Lyle. Click for a bigger image.

       1976 moved to New York City to see the originals of the great artists in the Metropolitan Museum, the Frick, and numerous other museums and to study at the Art Students League. Although original motivation was to paint surrealistic art, was captivated with painting people and their surroundings from life. This led to plein-air painting of the city and country-side.

Swedish Woman. Click for a bigger image.

     Found that there is a life and energy one can achieve in a painting which can best be gotten through direct observation from nature, life would be a series of experiences and drawings and paintings were memories of those experiences, so to make the world ones studio and its inhabitants the models seemed, if not profound, at least interesting.

Bil Baird. Click for a bigger image.

     In 1979 went to Europe. After a year in England, France, Italy. Sicily, Germany, Czechoslovakia and other countries returned to NYC with an uncompromising attitude towards painting. Of the new paintings, a large painting of the Brooklyn Bridge was included in the 1983 Centennial Exhibition for the Bridge at the Brooklyn Museum. Another painting was included in a show at the Museum of the City of New York. The museum bought the painting for their collection.

Prague. Click for a bigger image.

     In 1986 painted "Anna". Was invited by the owner of Portraits Inc. to be represented by the gallery. This started a career in portraiture. Among the many commissions is one of Chief Justice William Rehnquist for the United States Supreme Court.

Nude - Heather. Click for a bigger image.

     In 1988 during the renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge, arranged to paint from the top of one of the arches for a month. Painted the workers and views down to the roadway. From there got a commission from McCarter and English of Newark to paint three large panoramas, one is a view of Jersey City in the winter snow as seen from the World Trade Center roof. Spent five months painting there.

Back and Forth. Click for a bigger image.

    In general, have painted outdoors and on the streets all manner of subjects: city, industrial, portraits, flowers and botanicals in all types of situations and conditions including 20 degree winter weather.

   Credits. Many thanks to Tom for his kind permission to reproduce his works on SNA stamps. All reproductions are copyrighted by Thomas Loepp, USA.


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